We are living in a wonderful time, a time where almost every apparatus is capable of connecting to each other wirelessly. ‘The Internet of Things’, that’s how many folks refer to the new era we are living in, and it really is amazing to see technology already advance this much, even though we’re still at its morning. These inter-connected devices have done nothing but make our lives a lot more convenient and being wireless makes them more easy to utilize and manage. Since none of us can escape the truth of living in a wireless world, I thought it will be interesting to dig out a few of the common myths and assumptions and let us see they hold some truths in them or if they’re just baseless.

Today, our computers are shrinking in size but the computing ability of devices that are small are growing at rate that is tepid. There is one major limit that our small but strong computing devices like smartphones come with. They require charging fairly often. Up until now, no universal connector has been devised to charge all the mobile computing devices that we use daily. What that means is that if you have a laptop and a cellphone, you’ll still have to carry with you 2 separate chargers for each of the 2 devices. The notion of wireless charging has been mooted for a while now but it has not reached the maturity for mass adoption yet. Some people consider this is really a myth but I think this technology is some thing which is going to be here earlier as opposed to after.

Almost every home in all of the main regions of the world will today have WiFi installed. Most of us think the wireless transmission that Wi-Fi technology uses’ functioning can only be interfered with by other Wi-Fi systems and that it is exclusive. But the truth is your signal could be interfered with by appliances like a microwave, DECT phone, etc. In case you appear to be having trouble with your Wi-Fi signal, make sure it’s set up for a more reliable connection away from these home appliances.

Lots of people make the wrong premise that the higher speed always means better with the new Wi-Fi routers reaching gigabit speed. Regrettably, what most individuals don’t get is the fact that the real-world performance actually depends upon gadgets or the cellular devices you use. The most recent WiFi routers’ gigabit speed is just possible due to the router using the latest cutting edge standards, which involves using channels and multiple antennas for the data transmission. But all these will be worthless if our cellular device doesn’t support the latest standards. Next instance you are looking for a new router, be sure to check your devices’ constraint rather than simply selecting the quickest router and ended up in disappointment.


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The fact of our own lives now is that wireless technology is transforming how we perform our everyday tasks and interact with each other. It’s interesting to find how some people have completely misunderstood wireless technology. I’m not a wireless expert and what I have discussed here is nothing more than my private opinion on a subject matter that I think is intriguing. I hope this discussion helps you in clearing the myths related to wireless technology off your mind. I may be wrong in some things, I am not an expert in wireless after all, so if you have any opinions or questions please feel free to comment away.