I from time to time wonder about various things. I always wonder if I was given the opportunity to live in virtually any city in the earth what kind would it be. This concern is logically made with a foreseeable approach. I’d use Google to understand which the best city to reside in the earth is. Google offers variety of info to the extent that it is likened by some people to God. Consequently am looking forward for a definitive option. But then again, I could be incorrect. The reason being the replying method is founded on the individual you’ve asked, not really what you could be anticipating, but what they have in your mind. For example, should you ask CNN Traveller, the answer is Florence that is a little city situated in Italy. Nevertheless, Telegraph would give your Melbourne as the best city, and this is actually the second biggest city, situated in Australia. Because of this, I decided to settle for my own cities. Here’s a small record of cities which I believe will be best to live in.

Firstly, I landed on Singapore one of the tiniest nations on the planet. It is so tiny, you will hardly notice it on a world map. Singaporeans are still calling themselves the little red dot. Because of this, you can picture out how tiny the country is. The minuteness of the country does not finish there. While it’s considered the most tiny nation in the entire world, Singapore continues the most affluent country in the whole planet. So should you learn more concerning the country, do not be surprised by what you might get in return. Boasting one of the best transport system on earth, you do not need to worry about getting lost when you dwell there. As well, with the increased health care structure, your health security is guaranteed.

Chiang Mai is overly a great city I felt worthy to include in my list. It’s based in Thailand. It is also not that popular, since Bangkok is the most common city in Thailand. The city is not located far from Bangkok, however there’s no significant traffic jam such as the one in Bangkok. The three facets that make the city a great area to live is the pleasant weather, the amazing food, as well as the individuals that are fraternizing.


Another great spot I will rather die but never fail to go is Kyoto. Many people probably heard from Kyoto’s renowned Geisha of it. But for me, it’s a mixture of culture, weather and the food. Many people think that Japan is a state that is very classy and advanced. Though this may shock you should you have ever visited the place. Besides the city center, Kyoto is rather a relaxing place to reside in. In fact, Kyoto boasts numerous shrines and temples for which you’ll be able to see and recuperate your inner peace. Regrettably, living in Kyoto is very costly.

San Francisco is also a city that has to feature in my list as it’s been one of my cities that are adored for long. It is one of the best places to live in USA and is commonly referred to as the hi tech heart of the world’s. Unlike the other parts of the state, the weather in San Francisco is quite a bit more friendlier. At night you will get an incredible treat by watching golden bridge light upward. Then there is the cable car ride that’s probably the only few ones left in the whole world. But if there is one thing that I actually adored about San Francisco, it is going to be the rich ethnic mix. San Francisco is like a giant melting pot where people from all around the world would come with many of them beginning their own technology companies.

So far, all these are the best cities on the planet, according to me. This might not be perfect for everybody. I consider everyone has had experience of different places. This will definitely be dependent on where you were raised as well as your exposure to particular cities. For instance, it is possible that individuals dwelling in Europe will have no or little exposure to cities within Asia. In the other hand, those in the USA may also not be aware of great cities in the Middle East thus their preferred top cities might only revolve around cities in perhaps Europe and the USA. For that reason, it’s essential that we value people’s opinion on this and prevent getting the experience first hand and stereotyping about any city before seeing with it.